The Spa At Four Seasons Wynn Las Vegas Hotels

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Las Vegas Sands Profit Jump Seen Despite Slower Macau

Revenue is expected to rise about 28% to $3.3 billion. Getty Images ViewEnlargedImage The company has posted higher revenue in recent quarters as hometown Las Vegas recovers from the deep recession. Revenue from its casinos in Chinese gambling enclave Macau, the world’s largest and fastest-growing gaming destination, are rolling higher too. RBC Capital Markets said in a report Monday that gambling revenue growth in Macau has slowed as the month has progressed. But even if July comes in weaker than expected, long-term prospects for Macau remain bright , it added. RBC also noted that Sands’ share of Macau gambling revenue, as of Monday, had widened to 21.1% from 20.5% at the same time last month.